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Our Rooms

Toddler Room

Our toddler room is intended for children 18 months to 3 years and establishes a positive attitude towards a first school experience. Teachers Misses Charlene, Moe, Millie, Bernadette and Tonya understand the transition process from home to school and help their students to navigate this often difficult first step towards formal schooling. They establish a consistent routine based on fun activities related to school-wide themes such as holidays, weather and fun topics like dinosaurs and space. Children learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colors through songs, dance, and interesting projects. The teachers ensure that their students' needs and wants are met and the children naturally adjust to school and enjoy it. They support the tough issues of toddlerhood such as toileting, teething and talking with loving care and understanding to ensure that socialization and learning go hand in hand. 

Discipline is always age-appropriate and geared towards helping children to understand how to get their needs and wants met in an acceptable and effective way

Three Year Old Room

By the time a child moves to the 3 year old room they have learned so much! They are prepared to listen to a class story, begin to learn the days of the week, memorize the months and nursery rhymes, learn more about numbers and letters, and begin to draw and write. Miss Ella, Miss Bernadette and Miss Jean welcome them and provide the perfect atmosphere to model appropriate behaviors and continue lessons in respect as well as academics. All experiences are rooted in play so the children grow while they imitate the caring adults around them.Miss Ella's Master's degree in art education and certification in Child Development keeps the children playing, dancing, creating and learning in fun and age-appropriate ways. Learning through themes continues through theme-related books, games, movement and music. School-age older children sometimes read to the younger and play theme related games and activities. Appropriate modeling is taught and encouraged as the younger children delight in playing with the older ones.

With lots of loving care and attention our three year olds emerge ready to begin the four year old preschool experience.

Four Year Old Room

Our Four Year Old Daycare room prepares our children for the formal school experience. Children are growing towards this goal from birth so it's an exciting prospect for all. Miss Stacie has the nature, the experience and the skill to meet this challenge. Miss Rosie is her very caring and capable aide who helps the children to learn and play constructively, respectfully and safely.

In this room there's more emphasis on letters, numbers, reading and writing. Manipulatives such as unifix cubes, pattern blocks, lego building blocks and math workjobs help to develop math skills.The 1000 Book Project, guided reading and interactive writing help to develop literacy and a love of reading. Science is a focus with outdoor and indoor gardens, observation building and deductive reasoning development. Social Studies skills are addressed through our themes and character development.

As with all of our rooms Little Friends strives to create a love of learning in a safe, nurturing environment that balances play and active learning. Through communicating, connecting and cooperating it is our aim to get children and parents on the right road to school success.