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School Age Program

This year our school age program has taken on the challenges that have been created by the COVID pandemic. Adjusting to fluctuations in our elementary school's changing model of hybrid and remote learning has been a daunting but by no means impossible task.

Misses Autumn, Kristin, Tonya and Chris help our students to navigate virtual learning and their individual assignments while providing appropriate play and enrichment activities during their computer down time. Homework help, outdoor play such as nature building and garden keeping, selected theme-related activities, snacks and projects keep students safe and happy. Our older children are also given opportunities to experience supervised interaction with the younger children here at Little Friends Preschool to the delight of all involved. The younger children are treated to stories and projects created by the older children that are designed to educate and entertain. Special events and activities such as garden growing, nature exploration, author visits, music and dance instruction and sports opportunities also enhance the program.

We're open from 7AM to 5:30PM to accommodate your schedule. We are open most snow days and offer Holiday Care when schools are closed.

Call or email us to schedule a visit.

Little Friends Preschool

845 236 3578

[email protected]